My account was stolen help me

hello staff my account of 100k+ trophies was stolen nush cum but also my email was stolen Please help me if you can move the account to my new email: I still have an account of 5k trophies on this email that I wrote now. Please help me!


How in the world did you managed to get your account stolen. Also if you tried to trade accounts, I dont think its allowed and you will get help.

hello, my account was stolen because a Russian found out my email password, I don’t know, he also stole my email and my accounts, please the staff to change my email on the 2 accounts in

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If your email is stolen, Null’s team cannot do anything. You need to contact your email provider for it. If you use gmail contact google.

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Yes my email was stolen and no help email… me say change email account in

I dont think they can