Hello leader… I was not active in the tribe for some time. Now that I entered the tribe, it is written in the tribe that this tribe is deaf and blind. Please delete it… G"A"R"D. #LP228L0G

Wdym tribe


Tribe means Clan

Bro,when you will have your clan active again that dead and blind option will be removed💐

Our clan is very old, about seven years…thanks for your help

Ha 7 years

I think these maybe your clan three years started before not 7

Hello. Thank you for your attention. You are right. This current tribe has been around for four years. I lost the previous Guard tribe. I mean, the Guard tribe has been born for about seven years.

What’s ur name in game?

Yes i know

Hello. This user is anonymous. Because they have earned points and have been promoted, they can hide themselves

No puedo jugar porque tengo que actualizar el juego cada rato xd

El nombre es cool xd

Hello.pls english