Current system

hello everyone , our Nulls Clash Game had unlimited attack rights in the trophy system before March . In the current system, we can use 12 attacks every 24 hours, admins, please We want the trophy system. because I loved this game like that, don’t turn it into the original game exactly 3 years ago, this is nonsense if you do what I want, I’m sure you will delete the game because the trophy system has changed friends will start back thank you for listening to me

Hi. I understand that you are saying that before we could increase the cups without any restrictions. Now with the monthly competition, the enthusiasm has decreased. I have doubled the cup up to 13,000. I was discouraged…I used to be so eager to collect the cup that I spent a lot of time for Nulls Klash…Can we go back to the golden age :dizzy:

Honestly, both systems has its upside and downs. In the past, there were major problems with match making, which removes a lot of the skill away from this game. It also led some dedicated players to grind for days, damaging the health of the many players. The current system is boring, but you can do much more than just pushing. It puts attention on other aspects of the game that can also be fun. If you really miss the past version, there isn’t much you can do but to try and adapt to the new one. I also suggest you try out builder’s base since it’s similar to the old system.