Colorful name?

I recently had an idea. I was wondering if it was possible to give the colorful names to all players reaching either a certain number of trophies (like 10k for example) or a place in the world ranking (Top 10, 5, 20 etc…). To avoid the old premium being angry, I think it would be good to give only one color. I also think that it can give an objective to people who play regularly since the top badges are not “activated”.

Have a nice day.


Sorry for the potentials english error… I used a translator.

I will look into this idea


Please do this idea, many people will want to play the game like this. And its unfair for the players that got 10k+ not getting any prizes in return. Colorful name is a diferent thing and it will make more players join back in the game. People who get maybe top 10 without colored name gets a Colored name, like that its more fun and more people will play and love the game. Please do this.

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For exemple bringing Grand challanges for badges would be insanly cool… Something so the people who play say “I wanna play this game”. We play for an objective (coloured name, Grand challange)

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that would porbably give poeople something to grind for