Chromatic names

Could you add the chromatic names of the brawl pass please??


Sadly is “developer/more than 50k trophies players only”

Oh thanks for replying anyway👍

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False. Where did you read it?

It won’t be available for every player, cuz it is a special developers feature. At the moment, this feature is disabled.

Probbaly in your previous posts or in the discord servet of yours

Bruh my dream it you can do your special chromatic names but please we need it u can do rainbow or more for leaders but i want it please if it cant i wanna quit nulls brawl

Bye bye friend

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Is not a reason for quit nulls

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Please add colored names or if we buy the brawl pass we can have the colored names like brawl stars so please make that happen pleaseeeeee

So, no name right?

@nullandrey developers will add more colors , or something , because i hate default colors :pensive:

Almost sure they il not atleast not now

No, we won’t

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:v Can I play with you Andrey?

Ok :ok_hand:

how qwq ive been wondering how they have colored names the many trophies

cuz they are the devs =)