Baned and unfair legend push

First of all I GOT BANNED idk why but im baned so plis fix that cause my profile is top13and in this season top3 so it hurts to lose my id. Second its unfair to compite doing always +480 like me and still cant be top1 cause the others lose less cups or idk😞.

Hy what was Your name


Hello bro I am the same Guy above and I have one account for free in legend leauge at5.2k I can Give you to free as it is connected to Vk and pls Can You push my account to top5 To next season but take my account from this season so that You do not need to push legend from another I’d Take my

#8U9RVUJY8 Clan Tag join this clan and I will give lege d account and push 2 season I will on now in morning 7 hour later